Working on "On The Wild Side" is an international team of professionals brought together by their passion to fight injustice and everyone shares the same will to make a change. More people will join this project, we will upload their bios as they jump on board.


GIACOMO GIORGI - Director - Writer - Camera Operator 

Giacomo has been very passionate towards animal rights and environmental movement for over two decades, connecting with different people and reality in these movements. He always tried to fight to defend animals since that time in whichever way he could.

In his 20's he played and toured with different bands, and through them promote social justice and environmental issues.

Giacomo has been an active campaigner against animal abuse for many years and in 2010 he joined one of the ships of the marine conservation and anti poaching group Sea Shepherd.

Since sailing to pristine places and seeing the wild creatures that inhabit them, he learned photography and videography, becoming one of the official photographers for the organization. His work has been published on different platforms such as books and news articles and have been printed to be sold through different channels to raise funds for charity organizations.

Giacomo decided to create the project On The Wild Side, because he felt the need to expose the effect that hunting has on billions of animals every year and on our ecosystems.


RAFFAELLA TOLICETTI - Assistant Director - Research

Raffa has a degree in Political Science at the University of Rome La Sapienza.

She's been actively involved with Sea Shepherd for 6 years as a chief cook on board 9 campaigns around the world. She is the author of the vegan cookbook Think! Eat! Act! that focuses on activism and that is currently being translated to italian. She has been volunteer for many associations, including FreeBurmaItaly and Darwin Animal Doctors.

Since early age she's been eager to take action against social injustice, environmental destruction and animal exploitation. She believes than through education you can make a difference and that is why making a documentary to unveil the many cruel aspects of huntings is important. 



Greg has been a humanitarian activist and public speaker for over two decades. As a film producer/writer, his work ("Flight From Death: The Quest For Immortality") has been seen on all seven continents and has won seven "Best Documentary" awards at film festivals around the world. He has spoken in over twenty-five countries on justice, human rights, and social issues. He lives in Seattle WA and has been a vegan for twenty-five years.

"I hate sport hunting.  I hate it for its selfishness. I hate it for its violence. And I hate it for its unnecessary ego gratification at the expense of suffering. I love however, when people take a stand for innocent creatures and I am honored to stand with the film making team on this project."


TIM KAHN -  Sound Engineer

Tim has been a recording sounds since he was a child. His love for recording sounds eventually led him to working as a location sound mixer, focusing on reality, documentary, and travel work. He has been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively to capture everything from Mongolian fossil poachers to endemic creatures in the Costa Rican cloud forest. Recently, Tim has worked with Sea Shepherd to help document illegal whaling and Antarctic toothfish poaching. As a lifetime lover of nature, in his free time Tim is usually exploring the wilderness of Oregon and Washington and listening and recording remote soundscapes before they are overrun with human-generated noise or disappear due to climate change. Currently, his favorite animal sound is the sci-fi sound of an American Wigeon. Tim's major influences are Alan Lomax, Chris Watson, Bernie Krause, and Jez Riley French.


JEFF WIRTH - Camera Operator - Americas territories

Jeff’s love for documenting and story telling has developed organically through his work with a variety of socially progressive and politically active organizations over the past decade. Jeff have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, photographing, filming, and telling the stories of some of todays most important issues, effectively highlighting and boosting the work of his client in the process. Jeff loves documenting passionate people who are doing inspirational work. Whether its a band playing a show, or a group working to better the world; anyone who is trying to make a difference appeals to him.




Susan Larsen is an activist and long-time animal advocate. She has worked to educate the public about factory farming, campaigned against animal testing and fought to protect wildlife. In addition to her animal rights activism, she has worked to highlight the reality of government repression and the plight of political prisoners in the United States.
Susan is excited to be assisting in the creation of On the Wild Side. Hunting is a complex and polarizing issue. On the Wild Side seeks to highlight the effects that sport and trophy hunting have on animal populations, the environment, and the work that NGOs and everyday people do to combat these activities. She hopes that with this information individuals will feel inspired and empowered to act in their communities and globally in the defense of animals.


ELEONORA ESPOSTO - Soundtrack Composer

Eleonora began to study music at the age of six with the study of piano and she never stopped playing ever since. She graduated in composition at the Pescara Conservatory in 2014 and attended composition courses by Vladimir Gronsky and Olexander Kozarenko at the Lviv National Academy of Arts in Ukraine. Several of her pieces have won awards and have been played by orchestras around Europe.

From a very early stage in her classical compositional studies she began to work on composing music for movies, TV-series and short films.

All her life Eleonora has been moved by a natural and parallel interest for animal rights. She volunteered for the Italian wildlife recovery centre “LIPU” and have seen with her own eyes the consequences of hunting animals. That is the strongest reason why Eleonora is so proud to participate in this very important project.


ELIZA MUIRHEAD - Camera Operator

Eliza is an activist, scientist and communications professional working in photography and film for social justice. Her work has been published internationally with some of the world’s leading advocacy organisations. While she is based in Melbourne her work for animals, the environment and human rightshas taken her from some of the remotest parts of British Columbia down to Antarctica. She holds a Bachelor in Animal Science and a Diploma in Creative Arts from The University of Melbourne and a Masters in Science Communication Natural History Filmmaking from The University of Otago. In 2011, she co-founded, Fair Projects, an organisation that offers professional quality media and communications to charities and in 2012 was named as one of The Age's 'Top 100 Most Influential Melbournians' for this work.


TIM WATTERS - Camera Operator

Tim is an award winning photographer and filmmaker that works exclusively with and for some of the worlds leading animal rights and environmental organisations. Through his own organisation, Fair Projects, he has visited all 7 continents, documenting wild nature, and those that are giving their all to protect and defend it.

His interest in communicating through visual media was born from being heavily influenced by the images that he saw as a child. Images of animals, landscapes and people inspired him to learn more about the world that surrounded him, and generated a desire to one day capture such images. 

His passion lies in lifting the veil on our disconnect from nature in the hope that we can one day reconnect and begin to respect the land around us, and those that we share it with.


CARRIE SERVANTES - Graphic Designer

Carrie is a trained graphic designer living in Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about working with non-profit organizations who are trying to build a better world. Her goal is to help these groups create well thought out and professional design to raise awareness about some of the worlds most pressing issues.