Bonus Material

Putting together On The Wild Side was a lengthy and difficult process. We collected a ton of material (some might say too much!), as we interviewed over 60 people. We ended up with a vast amount of interesting footage which sadly couldn’t fit into the final cut of the documentary.


We’ve decided to put together a handful of short videos to showcase some content which didn’t make it to the final cut.

Bonus Clip: MARC COLOMA - Undercover

We met Marc Coloma when we travelled to Spain to film interviews about the devastating effects hunting has not only on the targets themselves, but also on the greyhounds, called galgos in Spanish, used for the hunt itself. These galgos are abandoned or killed once they are not useful for hunting anymore.


For three years Marc has infiltrated many operations who exploit and abuse animals in order to expose them. During this time, he has also infiltrated hunts. Here is a short 6 minute clip where Marc tells us some of the things he has witnessed firsthand.

Bonus Clip: KEN DAMRO - The courage to quit

Many people who watched On The Wild Side have told us how much they were touched by Ken Damro’s story. The full version of Ken’s interview spanned 45 minutes. In watching it we experience a man truly opening up to us about the changes he had made in his life. 


Here is a short 5 minute video from that full interview in which you can sense the difficulties Ken faced when he decided to make those changes.


Here is a short "Making Of" video about the process of creating this powerful music.
We really wish to thank Eleonora Esposto for creating these twenty (TWENTY!!!) songs and we are absolutely stunned about how she managed to exactly express and emphasize the emotions the documentary is trying to transmit to the audience.
We also really wish to thank music producer Alessandro Pinnelli, sound engineer Dario Giuffrida and  Fm Records Music for producing, publish and releasing this soundtrack. 

The On The Wild Side soundtrack is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Googleplay and Spotify.